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Interesting Close DNA Match For My Mom

I've worked out that one of my mom's closest DNA matches is a descendant of one of Rufina Tomlinson's (1863-1940) younger half-brothers, Arthur David Tomlinson (1876-1982).  Notice that the estimated MRCA is 3.5, which I am assuming is due to Mom being related to both of Arthur's parents?  Family Tree DNA further reveals that this match shares some X-chromosome.  Screenshot from GEDmatch comparison.

I was recently able to determine that one of Mom's closest DNA matches has an interesting twist in how they are related to us.  One of my mom's closest DNA matches is a descendant of one of my 2nd great grandmother Rufina Tomlinson's (1863-1940) younger half-brothers, Arthur David Tomlinson (1876-1982).

Rufina Tomlinson (my 2nd great grandmother) is standing in the center.  Her father George Tomlinson (1839-1922) and step-mother Amanda Darling (1843-1921) are seated.  I'm sorry to say I am not sure which of the men standing is Arthur "Art" Tomlinson, but he is one of them.    
Rufina's stepmother, Amanda (Darling) Tomlinson (seated at right) is my 4th great grandaunt because she is a sister of my 3rd great grandmother Mercy Anna Darling (1835-1915). Both images courtesy of Olive Kennedy.

Rufina's pedigree as I have it now.  Her mother Elizabeth Taylor likely died between 1863-1866.  Notice that Rufina had a son Harry Slater, who married Anna Webb (see below), thus making us related to Rufina's stepmother Amanda Darling through Anna's grandmother Mercy Anna Darling.

Arthur Tomlinson's pedigree, so this would likely be the shared DNA that Mom shares****.  We're related to Arthur's mother Amanda and thus share her direct ancestors, because Rufina's son Harry Slater married Mercy Anna Darling's granddaughter, Anna Delilah Webb (1891-1973), who is my great grandmother.

Rufina's daughter-in-law, my great grandmother Anna (Webb) Slater's pedigree.  Notice she shares Arthur Tomlinson's mother's side (Darling/Gates).

****As I look at the shared DNA, I've determined that this DNA may represent any of the following ancestors that Mom and this person share:

Jesse Tomlinson's unknown mother's people
Catharine Gaskill's mother's people
Phillips (one of those Rhode Island guys)

I can see why this process of comparing matches is complicated!

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