Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mom's Updated AncestryDNA Results

Mom's old ethnicity estimates.
AncestryDNA is updating some of their ethnicity estimates.

Great Britain         65 percent
Iberian Peninsula 10 percent
Europe West           8 percent
Ireland                  7 percent
Scandinavia           7 percent
Caucasus                3 percent

England and Wales           66 (Increased by 1 percent)
Ireland and Scotland         22 (Increased by 15 percent)
Germanic Europe               3 (Refined from: Europe West 8 percent)
Norway                             3 (Refined from: Scandinavia 7 percent)
France                              3 (Refined from: Europe West 8 percent)
Sweden                            3 (Refined from: Scandinavia 7 percent)

No Longer in Estimate
Iberian Peninsula     10 percent
Caucasus                   3 percent

I think this update correlates more accurately with what we know about her ancestry.

Neither my dad nor I had any update our ethnicity estimates.

Her updated AncestryDNA ethnicity estimates.

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  1. So why do mine come back as 80% central Lichtenstein? (Not much of an exaggeration). Interesting.

    1. Does Topsy have a lot of German ancestry? If she is, and that is combined with the minor amount of German/Swiss from Annie Webb Slater's ancestry, it might have tilted the scale in that direction. I'd be interested in what your sibling's DNA results would be :-)