Friday, June 10, 2016

Family Friday: Castle

Who are these two young women and how are they related to my great grandmother?

These pictures were taken from Elnora May Worden Webb's photo album which is filled with portraits of relatives, most of whom are identified.* The captions to these photos are the sum total of all I know about these cousins and, although I've spent many hours searching for them, I haven't been able to figure out how Ida and Eva Castle are connected in my family tree.

[Ida Castle - Cousin of Nora Warden Webb. Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

[Worden relative Eva Castle. Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

[Ida and Eva Castle - Cousin of Ell Nora Webb. Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

I've not given up hope of identifying them someday.

*But sadly not all.

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