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New Ancestor Discoveries Notes: How Are We Related to Linnie Brantley? Some Clues...

Mom's current "New Ancestor Discoveries" on AncestryDNA.  I haven't figured out how/if we are related to any of them, but did find some interesting clues with location and DNA matches.

I am having a hard time figuring out how I'm related to these New Ancestor Discoveries.  Since Linnie Brantley was a hint for both my mother and me, it seemed like a good fairly confident guess on Ancestry's part and worth pursuing.

Linnie also makes it into my New Ancestor Discoveries (I only have 3).

I blurred the DNA matches, but I didn't recognize them enough to see a direction to go in.  It does seem that Mom is part of this group in some way.  Maybe it is the Morgan man that Linnie married?

Linnie's cumulative "life story" location trajectory (Raleigh/Orange, NC to Blount/Jefferson/Walker, AL) isn't ringing any bells.

Melinda "Linnie" Brantley (1802-1884) was married to Ezekiel Morgan (1797-1881).

Since I could find no commonality between Linnie and her husband specifically, I decided to just cast a wide net search in the AncestryDNA matches for my mom, starting with Brantley.  Finally, out of 50 name matches to "Brantley" this yielded a few familiar places.

At least one of the Brantley's matches with either my mother's biological father T. S. Warren's grandson who has tested on AncestryDNA, and to many other cousin matches with this close relative with various confidence level matches to T. S. Warren's uplines in the South.  So I'm pretty sure this is on my mother's paternal grandfather's line somewhere.

Brantley's also seemed to have been in the following areas:

Isle of Wight/Southampton, Virginia
Nash County, North Carolina
Warren County, Georgia
Hancock County, Georgia

Several of mom's Brantley matches are matches to John Brantley (1716-1782) who married Hannah Harper (1713-1790) of Virginia and North Carolina.  I have several more matches to John's father Edward Brantley m Elizabeth Clay and HIS father, Phillip Brantley m Joyce Lewis in Isle of Wight, VA.

We also have several matches to John Brantley/Hannah Harper's grandson Phillip Brantley of Warren County, GA (married Rebecca Harbuck).

My Abraham Heath and Jesse Warren lines were in Warren and Hancock counties, so maybe this is all pointing to a brick wall female ancestor within those family groups (and we have many female brick walls in those lines).

Abraham Heath, his wife Winnie and their daughter Sarah "Sallie" P Heath were residents of Warren County, Georgia at one point.

Jesse Warren Sr (1747-1827) is buried in Harper Cemetery in Hancock County.  Is the Harper name a coincidence?  I've had my suspicions that Jesse's wife Elizabeth was a Harper (there were Harpers in neighboring Putnam county where Elizabeth died), but then again Elizabeth could be a Hunt/Fuqua/Parham/Rives/Pegram/fill in the blank LOL

Warren and Hancock counties.  Image of Georgia Counties from Wikipedia.

Although I haven't figured out how we're related to Linnie, I do think I have more of an idea on where to concentrate my efforts.

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