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Thomas Taylor in the Cincinnati Directories: Some Notes

Closeup of the 1842 Cincinnati City directory, showing various areas where Thomas Taylor likely was between 1834-1846 (Northern Liberties, 15th??, Grant, and possible Richmond/Kemball).
Before my 4th great grandfather Maryland-born Thomas J Taylor (1807-1890) came to Iowa he lived in Pennsylvania (not sure where), Cincinnati, Ohio, and  Oldtown (North Side), McLean, Illinois (a few doors away from a possible brother, John Jefferson Taylor).

I've gone through the Cincinnati city directories and compiled a list of people living at the same address as Thomas, hoping to see a pattern of names.  So far he was in close proximity to a couple of men by the last name of Lafferty.  Otherwise there is a constant change of names everywhere around him, reflecting either his moves, or the large transient population of people temporarily flowing through Cincinnati on their way out West somewhere.

In 1834 he is listed as listing in Northern Liberties, which unfortunately is not specific.  I will not include that list in this post due to the large number of other people living there, but this is the link to it in my tree.  I did notice that there was a "Henry Lichard" (possibly Henry Clay Lynchard, brother of Sarah Lynchard, Thomas Taylor's second wife??) but Henry was not apparently living in Northern Liberties.


Taylor Thomas, teamster, Plum n Com. Hospital

Others who live near the "Com. Hospital" (includes Thomas Taylor)

Baker Isaac, coal and ice dealer, Plum n. Commercial Hospital
Betts Mrs. Martha A., W. row W of Com. Hospital
Burd Mrs. Hannah, W. row n Com. Hospital
Crary Lewis, boatman on canal, Plum n Com hospital
Hewett Nathan, grader and paver, W row n Commercial Hospital
Ingalls Lewis, machinist, Plum n. Com. Hospital
Murphy James, blacksmith. Plum n Com. Hospital
Pioneer Isaaq, superintendent of Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum
Shires Peter, waggoner. Plum n Commercial Hospital
Smith Wm. laborer, W row n Commercial Hospital


Taylor, Thomas (Pa) Drayman, res, cor Elm and Grant.

Others at or very near "Elm and Grant":

Doty, Wm (Pa) Cabt-mkr at D Blodgett's, res, Grant b Elm and Plum
Hall, Perly (Conn) Cabt-mkr, res, Grant h Elm and Plum.
Lafferty, James (Del) Drayman, res, cor Grant and Elm.
McKinney, W m (Ky) Shoe-mkr, res, Elm b 12th and Grant.
Moor, John A. (Ger) Farrier, res, Elm bet 12th and Grant.
Moore, Amos (Ire) Tanner, res, Elm bet 12th and Grant.
SchatTner, Jacob (Ger) Labr, res, cor Elm and Grant sts.
Scheile, Anthony (Ger) Labr, res, Elm b 12th and Grant street.
Vogel,Nicholas (Ger) Laborer, res, corner Grant and Elm.


Taylor Thomas, drayman, Elm bet. 15th and Northern Row

Elm St. from the river to Northern Row, bet. Plum and Race

Methodist Episcopal Churches.—Wesley Chapel, north side of Sth, between Sycamore and Broadwny; Rev. James L. Grover, preacher in charge. Asbury Chapel, Webster, between Main and Sycamore streets; Rev. Wm. H. Lawder, preacher in charge. Ninth Street Chapel, north side of 9th, between Race aud Elm streets; Rev. George C. Crum, preacher in charge. Fourth Street Chapel, north-east corner of 4th and Plum; Rev. William Herr, preacher in charge. German Mission Church, west side of Vine bet. 4th and Sth streets; Rev. Adam Miller, preacher in charge. New Street
Western Row and John streets.

Thomas William, potter. Elm bet. 15th and Northern Row
Wertmann Theodore, carpenter, Elm bet. 15th and N. Row


Taylor Thomas, drayman, Grant st.

Grant st. from Elm to Plum, bet 12th and 14th

Others living at Grant st.

Beart Gabriel, blacksmith, Grant street
Boyd Joseph, law student, Grant st.
Brockmann Joseph, milkman, Grant street
Cressy Rev. Timothy R. Grant street
Dandy Timothy, Grant st.
Enneking Henry, tailor, Grant street
Enneking Henry, tailor, boards B F Enneking
Fairley Alexander, drayman, Grant st.
Fletcher Robert, founder, Grant street
Gasser John, laborer, Grant street
Gasser Anthony, basket maker, Grant street
Gasser Frederic, basket maker, Grant street
Herle Mrs. Sarah, Grant street
Jordan Martin, canal boatman, Grant street
Lafferty James, drayman, Grant st.
Lafferty Archibald, drayman, Grant st.
McRoberts Mrs. Elizabeth, Grant street
Meitenbach Joseph, laborer, Grant street
Morgan John, well digger, Grant st.
Orr Alfred, steamboat engineer, Grant street
Piller Henry, laborer, Grant street
Rule George, carpenter, Grant street
Schiess Charles, carpenter, Grant st.
Stuntebeck Henry, tailor, Grant street
Waldeck Martin, laborer, Grant street
Wilson Matthew, bricklayer, Grant street-

I believe Thomas Taylor and his family moved out of Cincinnati between 1846-1849, but I'm not sure exactly when.  He might be the Thomas Taylor, carpenter, in the 1846 Cincinnati city directory, or it might be an entirely different guy.  I find it interesting that there are apparently two different William Taylors who are blacksmiths.
Not sure if this is my Thomas Taylor, since mine was more of a drayman/blacksmith, but I guess a carpenter is not too far a stretch.  from Robinson and Jones' Cincinnati Directory for 1846.   

Some others living at the same address:
Rider William, shoe mkr, E s Fulton, bet Richmond and Kemble
Wibel David, carp, E s Fulton, bet Richmond and Kemble

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