Thursday, November 10, 2016

Getting Back on the Horse After A Political Marathon

I'm here, I'm here.  Just got a little sidetracked the past few days by current events, like most Americans LOL


I have a public tree at Ancestry and blog here about findings.  I now need to start considering who I will write about in a more formal manner, either to send to a publication or just to have a more professional presentation of what I have learned in my research about various individuals and family groups thus far.

Thomas MacEntee (of High-Definition Genealogy, GeneaBloggers, and Hack Genealogy) has just presented a webinar at Legacy Family Tree called "Publishing a Genealogy E-Book," which is probably the format I will settle on for practical and financial reasons:
After years of genealogy research, are you ready to share your work with family, friends and the general public? Consider converting your manuscript to various e-book platforms. In this session you'll learn the various e-book types, the best ways to convert a manuscript, how to create a book cover, and even how to market your e-book to the genealogy community and beyond. Participants will learn how to convert a manuscript to various e-book formats including PDF, Amazon Kindle and more. In addition, we'll cover how to market your genealogy e-book using social media and other platforms.

Free for non-subscribers through November 16, 2016!  (I would personally recommend you go ahead and subscribe to the vary affordable Legacy Family Tree Webinars outright, they have some amazing stuff behind the paywall).

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  1. I don't know if you're looking for someone in your own tree, or another person's tree, but if you want a paying job (!) and use it for publication, I would be very interested if you could track my ancestor Mary Agnes Lynch and her relationship to the Lynch after whom the term Lynching is named. There is most certainly a connection, I have more info if you're interested!