Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Drive: French Pirate Bikers, Beziers 2012

Apparently this is an annual event in Beziers but it certainly wasn't what Bonnie and I were expecting on our trip to the flower market that's held every Friday on the allees Paul Riquet. All other traffic was brought to a halt but the spectacle was worth the wait as several hundred bikers circled the promenade before parking their motorcycles and settling down to enjoying themselves.
[From my personal collection]

If I recall correctly, the man in the middle with the upraised arm was singing pirate songs (in French, of course).

And at the other end of the allees Paul Riquet the flower market proceeded as usual.

[From my personal collection]

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  1. Yes, that was quite a surprise! And they were so harmless, with their confederate flags and no idea what that meant in the US.