Monday, July 4, 2016

Gone for Soldiers: Willet Orlando "Richard" or "Dick" Worden (1843 - 1912), Soldier, U.S. - Part 6

Vicksburg fell to Grant's besieging armies on July 4th 1863 and one of my direct ancestors was present.*

[The Surrender of Vicksburg / Theodore R. Davis. The rebels marching out and stacking arms, with Gen. Grant and staff on horseback meeting marching soldiers on left and Gen. Pemberton and staff on right; view of the city from the river bank, showing part of the river batteries, with soldiers standing and sitting near cannon in foreground. Illus. in: Harper's weekly, 1863 Aug. 1, p. 488-489.
Source: Library of Congress.]

[Cleveland Daily Leader - Cleveland, Ohio. Wednesday, July 8, 1863.

[The Appleton Motor - Appleton, Wisconsin, Thursday, July 9, 1863.

I'm sure that July 4th had an extra special meaning hereafter for my great great grandfather Dick Worden who was one of the Union soldiers at Vicksburg on that day.

He had survived a brutal campaign but his war wasn't over yet. He and his comrades must have wondered where they would be sent next.

*Although the 35th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Volunteers that my paternal great great grandfather John Warren Avery belonged to was at Vicksburg during the siege, John was on medical leave still recovering from the effects of his imprisonment at Alton, Illinois.

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