Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Book Shelf: Historical collections of the state of New York, 1841

The subtitle to this tome explains why I'm posting about it here: containing a general collection of the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, &c. relating to its history and antiquities, with geographical descriptions of every township in the state. Additionally the book has 230 engravings so there's some chance you might find one that depicts some part of the town where your New York State ancestors were in 1841.

[Historical Collections of the State of New York; John Warner Barber, 1798-1885, Henry Howe 1816-1893, joint authors,
published by S. Tuttle, New York, 1841. Source: Internet Archive]

Here's what it has to say about Brownville in Jefferson County where my maternal fourth great grandfather Isaac Leonard (c. 1780-1862) was living according to the 1840 U.S. Census.*

The authors have less to say about Mexico, located in Oswego County, the home of my paternal third great grandfather William Porter (1792-1868) and his family.**

In contrast the section for the town of Oswego (in the same county) where Lyman Worden (1791-1883), another maternal fourth great grandfather***, was a resident covers 4-1/2 pages of text and includes two engravings. That's too long to insert in this post but if you're interested, it begins here.

*Isaac Leonard

**William Porter

***Lyman Worden

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