Saturday, May 21, 2016

5 Fister Sisters

My grandmother, Margaret Fister, on the far left with her sisters Fern (1907-2003), Edith (1910-1985), Lyla (1900-1999), and Doris (1920-2010).  The "1934 A Century of Progress" no doubt refers to the 1933 Chicago's World Fair.  Courtesy of Tom Cairns.
Likely taken in Plano, Kendall, Illinois, where their parents Mary and Ben Fister lived.  Ben died May 2, 1934, so this may have been taken before or after.  Since their faces look fairly cheerful it is hard to tell if they are assembled for their father's death, but the three middle girls are wearing dark/black clothes.

This would be a very tough year, as their mother Mary died about 6 months after Ben, on January 7, 1935.

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