Monday, May 9, 2016

Fantastic Find: "Historical Maps Reveal Much More Than We Think"

This is Google Earth/David Rumsey layer map from 1733: "The first large scale map of North America and the most accurate at the time. It shows the extent of the British, French, and Spanish colonial possessions."  I might take a little tour tonight and see what this old lens on the world might show me about my ancestors back then.  Google Earth Pro offers a few of these layers, you can go to the David Rumsey site and find more maps to overlay on Google Earth.

Ancestry Blog had this nice tidbit today from Pamela Boyer Sayre and Rick Sayre about a few great sources they use for historical maps, and you know I love maps!

Edited to add: I am disappointed that the mapping function on the University of Virginia Census Browser that they recommended isn't working.  Is it just me?

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