Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Drive: In Cameron County, Texas

The little girl in these photos is Eugenie Evelyn Jackson (1930-1998), the stepdaughter of a paternal third cousin, once removed, Eugenius Nesbit Freeman Jr.* who married her mother in 1936. School and newspaper records for Eugenie and her older sister Jessie show that they commonly used the Freeman surname but gave their correct maiden name when they got married.

I've identified the car as a 1932 Plymouth Coupe (note the rumble seat) and Eugenie looks to be about four so the photo dates to about 1934/35 and may have belonged to her birth father John I. Jackson.

According to the relative who posted these pictures, Gladys was the name of Eugenie's doll.

[Both photos shared to one of her public family trees by agadobetty]

*As far as I can tell, E.N. Freeman (as he preferred to be known) never had any children of his own.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Job Taylor Died Intestate in Johnson County, Iowa

Oh goody!  Some more info on my elusive 4th great grandfather, Job Taylor (1800-1805).  Johnson County, Iowa, Probate Record, Book 4: page 24, Record of the Estate of Job Taylor, 1850; FHL microfilm 985943; digital images, database Iowa, Wills and Probate Records, 1758-1997, Johnson County, Probate Records, Vol 3-5, 1847-1857 ( : 17 February 2018), image start 298.  

Record of the Estate of Job Taylor. Wm. Manatt Ad.

1850 26 State of Iowa Letters of Administration
Johnson County

The State of Iowa, to all known these presents shall come greeting
Know ye that whereas Job Taylor late of the county of Johnson in the state of Iowa died intestate as it is said on or about the 29 day of Aug. 1850 having at the same time personal property and real estate in this state, which may be lost, destroyed, or diminished in value, if speedy care be not taken of the same.-  To the end therefore that said property maybe collected and preserved for those who shall appear to have a legal right or inerest therein, we, do hereby appoint William Manatt of the county of Johnson Administrator of all and singular, the goods and chattels, rights and and credits, of the said deceased, with full power and authroity to collect and secure the property and debts belonging to said estate, in whose hands a possesion the same may be, in this state, and to fully Administer and settle said estate, and in general to do and perform all other acts which now are or hereafter may be required of him by law as administrator as aforesaid.
In Testimony whereof, I, Daniel G [S?] Warren Judge of Probate in and for the county of Johnson, have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court at Iowa City in said county this 26 day of Sept. A.D. 1850.
Daniel L. Warren
Judge of Probate
carried over

Record of Estate of Job Taylor. Continued.
Sept. 26 State of Iowa, Johnson County // ss. Administrators Bond.
Know all men by these presents, That we, William Manatt as principal, and Jacob Hull as securities, of the county of Johnson and state of Iowa, are held and firmly bound unto Daniel S. Warren as Judge of Probate in and for said county of Johnson, and his successors in office in the penal sum of two hundred dollars, lawful money of the United States, for the payment of which well and truly to be made and performed, We, bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, andministratos and assigns, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents, signed with our hands, and sealed with our seals, this 26 day of Sept. A.D. 1850. = The condition of this obligation is such, that whereas the above bound William Manatt, has been appointed administrator of the estate of Job Taylor late of Johnson county deceased. = Now if the said William Manatt, shall make and return unto the Probate Court for the county of Johnson within three months, a true Inventory of all the real estate, and all the goods and chattells, rights and credits, of the deceased, that have or shall come to his possesion or knowledge, and shall administer accordig to law and the goods, chattels, rights and credits, of the deceased, and the proceeds of all his real estate that may be sold for the payments of his debts which shall come at any time to his possession, or to the possession of any person, for he shall render upon oath a true account of his administration within one year, and at any time when required by the Judge of Probate, shall pay any balance remaining in his hands with(?) settlement of his accounds, to such persons as the Judge of Probate shall direct, and deliver the letters of administration into the Probate court, in case any will of the deceased shall be hereafter duly proved and allowed, then and in that case these presents and everything herein expressed shall be absolutely null and void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.
This is to certify that I
have examined this bond and do hereby approve the same and the securities Sept. 26. 1850.
William Manatt [Seal]
Jacob Hull [Seal]

Daniel S. Warren, Judge of Probate
Iowa City, Iowa

Record Continued.= Warrant of Appraisement,
Sept. 26. State of Iowa, Johnson County // ss.

To James Shaff, Henry Bogers [Rogers?], and Wm. Gathercole
you are hereby appointed to appraise on oath the
estate and effects of Job Taylor late of Johnson
county deceased.
When you have performed that serice you will
deliver this warrant and your doings in pusuance
thereof to William Manatt, adminitrator of said deceased,
that he may return the same to this court.
In witness whereof, I. Daniel S. Warren, Judge
of Probate, in and for said county of Johnson,
have hereunto set my hand and affixed the
seal of said court at Iowa City this 26 day of
Sept. A.D. 1850,
Daniel S. Warren, Judge of Probate

Oath to Appraisers,
We and each of us do solemnly swear, that we
will well and truly appraise the estate and effects
of Job Taylor, late of Johnson County. deceased, to
the best of our ability and understanding so help us God.

James Shaff
Henry Rogers (Bogers?)
William Gathercole

1850 Inventory and appraisement Bill
Oct. 7 Of the property of Job Taylor Dec'd $
One cooking stove $12, =one bureau $9. 21.00
one clock $2, = one table $2, 4.00
one lot shoe makers tools + 5 shears 3.50
Knife Bowl and Knife Box 1.00
A lot of capenters [sic] tools 3.00
A lot of pot-mettle 3.00
Crockery wear $3, Barrells $1, 4.00
Old Irons $3, One axe $1, horse gearing $6 10.00
Loom accoutrements 2.00

Record of the Estate of Job Taylor
Oct. 7. Spinning Wheel $1, Carpet $2, $3.00
looking glass, 50. C. Molds yc[?], 37.   .87
one short gun $4, one rifle gun $8. 12.00
Flax and Toe[?] $1, -3 bags or sacks, 50. 1.50
one horse carriage $20, = one horse wagon $18 1/2 38.50
lumber $2.37. Wheat + oats in stack $30 32.37
lots of Hoggs $18, = 4 Beds + bedding $12 30.00
one yoke of oxen $45. = 2 cows $20 65.00
three calves $6, = 1 yearling heifer $5.50 11.50
8 Sheep $8, = 2 ploughs $7. 15.00
2 scythes + cradle $2.50. 19 lbs. Bolls[?] $7, 12 1/2 9.62 1/2
corn.......... 9.00

We James Shaff Henry Rogers + William
Gathercole do here certify that the above
articles was duly appraised by use as the prop-
erty of Job Taylor Deceased, on the 7 day of October A.D. 1850.

James Shaff
Henry Rogers Appraisers
William Gathercole

Washtub and board not sold
one tea kettle not sold
spools not sold

Record continued, Order for sale of personal property. 28
Sept. 26. State of Iowa, Johnson County. ss
To William Manat Administrator of the estate of Job Taylor, late of Johnson county deceased,
it appearing to the satisfaction of this court that
it becomes necessary to sell the personal property belong.
to said estate to pay the debts there of and the costs of
These are therfor in the name of
the state of Iowa, to authorise, instruct and empower
you, to sell at public or private sale, the personal
property belonging to the said estate of the said
Job Taylor, deceased, and for so doing this shall
be your sufficient order.

In witness whereof, I have here unto
set my hand and affixed the seal of
said court at Iowa City this 26 day of
Sept. 1850.

Daniel S. Warren, Jude of Probate.

Sale of the Bill of the Estate of Job Taylor
Oct. 8
Wm Manatt, one Pickling tub $0.12 1/2 [might be $11.12 1/2]
Lewis Van Buskirk one Barrell   .15
Wm. Manatt, one small Barrell   .25
Wm. Britten half Bushel + Basket   .05
Thomas Watters, pot, hooks, and dipper   .55
Lewis Van Buskirk, one shovel   .65
James Watters, one log-chane 2.25
A. W. Young, one chane + tramel   .60
"  "  "     Trace chanes   .38
Clark Lemly Basket + Irons   .75
Jerry Highett one Big kettle 2.85
Clark Lemly 2 axes + clevis[?]   .55
S. A. Watters. hoe, shovel + lantern   .26
R. W. Gray, Cooking stove etc 15.50
Lewis Van Buskirk one Bureau 9.25

$34.21 1/2


Record of Job Taylor estate continued
Oct. 8 Amount brot forward $34.21 1/2
Richard Patterson one clock   4.85
Alfred Marshal one Breakfast table   1.00
Ira A. Parker 8 largest hogs 16.00
"   "  "      12 Shotes   6.85
Wm. Manatt, one sett breast chains    .31
A. W. Young one square + 1/2 inch auger    .70
Jerry Highett, one drawing knife    .45
Samuel Oliver 2 augers and dividers    .70
A. P. Templeton one hand saw   1.00
L. P. Young, 2 chisells + auger    .75
James Shaff, Little Spinning wheel    .52
S. A. Walters 2 candlesticks,
              candle molds, sausage stuffer    .37 1/2
Alfred Marshall one coffee mill + boiler    .35
M. W. Budd one tin pale one wooden pale    .50
A. W. Young, 2 wooden boles + tin pan    .45
Jerry Highett, one sifter and 2 battles    .35
Alfred Marshall Stone Churn    .45
Clark Lemly 2 crocks, 2 Jugs, one pitcher    .31
Wm. Van Buskirk one sett plates    .60
"   "   "       one sett Tea-cups + saucers    .45
Thomas Watters one sett Tea saucers    .25
"      "       plates, Tea cups + saucers    .15
J. Stilling 5 plates    .35
Jacob Hull shelf ware    .18 3/4
Wm. Van Buskirk 3 chairs   1.80
John Maples 3 chairs   1.00
Richard Patterson 3 sacks   1.31
Samuel Oliver loom geares   1.37 1/2
Richard Patterson 2 reeds   1.20
Ira Parker a lot of flax   1.27
S. P. Young carpet   2.05
Charles Edmundson, one Rifle gun   9.05
A. W. Young smooth bon[?] rifle   5.00
John Maples one sett britchen   1.10
Clark Lemly sett britchen   1.40

carried forward $98.74 1/4


Record of Job Taylor estate continued

Oct 8 Amount brot forward $98.74 1/4
Clark Lemly lines    .45
Richard Patterson 2 Bridles and hatters    .80
S. P. Young one horse collar   1.00
Wm. Snider one horse collar    .70
Wm. Van Buskirk Washtub, board + tea kettle    .65
"   "   "       One Mourning scythe   1.05
Alfred Marshall one scythe + cradle   1.05
Thomas Watters knives fork and spoons   1.35
Clark Lemly one box chest    .37
Hiram Wasson, Buggy + harness 29.12 1/2
Lewis van Buskirk Door latches    .21
Alfred Marshall one 2 horse wagon 25.05
Lewis van Buskirk one sled and lumber   1.40
Henry Rogers, The West stack of wheat   9.50
"     "       Middle stack   "  "   9.75
"     "       East   "       "  " 10.00
Lewis Van Buskirk lot sheaf oats   2.65
Samuel Ledenbucker [?] Pitchfork    .40
J. Stillings A lot of corn in field 12.00
S. P. Young one Bell    .50
James Watters one yoke oxen 53.00
John Maples 2 calves   7.55
Clark Lemly one heifer   8.45
Wm. Turnip [?] ??? One Red Cow 13.75
Samuel Oliver one line back cow 13.37 1/2
John Maples 8 sheep 11.00
Wm. Van Buskirk one play. $5.80.=shovel plow, 85. 6.65
Clark Lemly one red calf   3.87

$324.46 3/4
I hereby certify that the above is a
true list of the property sold at the sale of Job Taylor Deceased, this 8th day of Oct. 1850.
fees $1.25

Wm. L. Griffiths, Clerk of said sale

William Maynatt administrator of Job Taylor Dec.

has Credit for the following receipts - for
money paid on debts vs. said estate.
paid David Bunker 1.19
"    Daniel S. Warren 3.00
"    Wm Maynatt 11.33
"    Jacob Hull 4.00
"    S. Workman for Tax 1.58
"    Wm Griffith 2.00
"    do do 10.00
"    W. H. Rouseau 12.50
"    J. R. King 1.25
"    Thomas Waters 2.00
Administrators allowed 24.00



This account transfered to
page 17 Executors accounts.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Friday: Harold Delbert Currey Junior & his Hat

 The captions to these two photos tell it all.

Junior was born in 1923 so he would have been eight in the next picture.

[All from my personal collection]

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Task Today: Master Plan for Job Taylor

No more haphazard searching!

Using the research form ideas from Marian Louis Pierre (specifically from her 2012 webinar and syllabus: "Plan Your Way to Research Success"--available for subscribers to Legacy Family Tree only or single digital download) and Evernote, I have started to put together an actual research plan (gasp!) for Job Taylor, one of my "brickwalls."

Master Research Plan

Ancestor: Job Taylor
Project Start Date: 15 Feb 2018
Specific Goal:  Establish what is known about Job Taylor; look for additional information within given records; follow his trajectory and try to understand why he went there.

What did he do as a living?
Who was his wife and when did they marry?
FAN club needs to be established (neighbors and names associated with his records)
Historical events in his lifetime?

Background Information:
Birth: abt 1800 in New Jersey
Death: 27 Aug 1850 in Johnson County, Iowa
Parents: unknown, possibly Daniel Taylor as father but that is speculative
Married (presumably) to Betsey (abt 1805 in PA or OH), not sure if his only marriage
Inferred children: 
Simon Taylor (1832 Ohio)
Betsey (possibly my Elizabeth) Taylor (1835 Ohio)
George Taylor (1842 Ohio)
Info derived from Federal Census Records (1830, 1840, 1850), GLO patent record "sale of Public Lands" (to Job Taylor of Washington County Iowa"; land office in Iowa City), and Iowa Probate Records (on Ancestry)

Research Plan:

Birth date and place

Who are his parents?

Death Date?

Determine Births of Children in Ohio

Probate/guardianship records for Job Taylor 

Land records for Job in PA, OH, and Iowa

Church Records?


Literature Search for Job Taylor in PA, OH, and Iowa

Local histories of Westmoreland County, PA, Holmes County, OH, and Washington/Johnson counties, IA

Manuscript search for Job Taylor

Manuscript search for contemporaries of Job Taylor


Historical timelines

So now I need to fill in the sources I plan to use and where those are location.  Then I can make a plan for each task.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Celebrations: Valentine's Day

Here are two valentines from 1884 printed by Obpacher Brothers who are described as Art Publishers of Munich and New York.

[New York : By Obpacher Bros., New York, 1884.
Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.]

[New York : By Obpacher Bros., New York, 1884.
Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.]

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Free Webinar: "Have Nordic Ancestors? Count Yourself Lucky - Nordic Records Are Amazing" by Mike Mansfield

Do I have Nordic ancestors.  Why yes, I do!

But have I made any progress in my Nordic research?  Why no, I haven't.  And that's my own darn fault.

Mike Mansfield presents "Have Nordic Ancestors? Count Yourself Lucky - Nordic Records are Amazing":
An overview of available records in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, & Finland) will be presented.

Runs 1 hour 29 minutes

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Is for Mothers: Elisabeth Alcott (About 1720 - 1749)

As far as I can tell this maternal 6th great grandmother lived her whole life in Burlington County, New Jersey.

[New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania. By H. Moll, Geographer. (Printed and sold by Tho: Bowles next ye Chapter House in St. Pauls Church Yard, & Ino: Bowles at ye Black Horse in Cornhill, 1736?). Source: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection]

As you can see in these details from the 1736 map of the region, Burlington was on the regular post route between Philadelphia and New York.

I've written about her father William Alcott in the past, but we know very little about Elisabeth except that the 1745 license for her marriage to James Rossell survives.

[Northampton Township, Burlington Co., New Jersey added to his tree by dwcustard.]

Licence of Marriage was Granted by his Excellency Lewis
Morris Esq. Governour of New Jersey etc on the 24th day of Aprill
1745 unto James Rosele of the Township of Northampton &
County of Burlington wheelwright of the one part & Elisabeth
Alcott of the same place Spinster of the other party.
                                                Chal Read Secry

 Elisabeth died four year later, having given birth to three children (the oldest of which is my direct ancestor Hope Rossell). Here's how I descend from her.



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