Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Outrageous Proceedings (From the Winston Banner - May 2, 1872)

This undoubtedly biased account of an incident at the Winston County Courthouse preceded the vicious newspaper piece attacking John Warren Avery. Note how the author described Winston County as "one of the most law abiding communities in this or any other State" without going into detail of all the ways "the majority of white voters...have preserved their honor and vindicated their intelligence and patriotism..."

[2 May 1872, Page 2 - The Clarion-Ledger at]

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mozart's Obituary

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791), as drawn by Dora Stock in 1789. Wikipedia image 

Don't feel bad if you can only find the barest of obituaries for your ancestors.  Even some of the biggest names around get short shrift.

London World (London, England)
December 21, 1791
page 2, col 2
Wolfgang Mozart, the celebrated German Composer, died at Vienna on the night of the 5th inst.--By his death the Musical World will sustain an irreparable loss.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday Is for Mothers: Mary Meyer/Myer/Meier (1726 - 1786)

Just about everything I know about this maternal sixth great grandmother can be found on the front and back of the file card reproduced below.

[ Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. Original data: Genealogical Card File. Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.]

She was about eleven years old when her family left Ibersheim, an estate in Germany which had been leased since about 1650 by Mennonites fleeing from religious persecution in their native Switzerland. In Pennsylvania, the Myers would have joined other Mennonite families who had begun arriving there as early as 1719.

Mary and Peter's oldest child was born about 1745 which gives us an idea of their marriage date. Here's how I'm related to her:


Later this week I'll be transcribing her father John Myer's will but here's how he described her:

["Pennsylvania Probate Records, 1683-1994," images, FamilySearch ( : 3 July 2014), York > Wills 1749-1779 vol A-D > image 103 of 647;
county courthouses, Pennsylvania.]

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Drive: Atascadero Lake Park - Summer 1955

After all their years of camping around the West, Mother and Dad had a mental list of a succession of free places to stay up and down the length of California. The oak-shaded parking lot of the Atascadero Lake Park was a favorite.

[From my personal collection]

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Rebecca (Paul) Hartley (1806-1901) Dies in Cedar Rapids

The only image I have of Rebecca (Paul) Hartley and her husband George Washington Hartley (1805-1880).  Courtesy of Sarah Bennett.
My 3rd great grandparents Rebecca Paul and George Hartley were the parents of my 2nd great grandfather James Monroe Hartley (1846-1904)

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (from
January 5, 1901, Saturday
page 7, col 2 
A Splendid Life Closed. 
Brief Sketch of Mrs. Rebecca Hartley, Who Died Yesterday. 
Mrs. Rebecca Hartley, who died at her home at 1123 South Third street yesterday morning at the age of 91 years, leaves over one hundred living lineal descendants to mourn her death. 
The exceeding good health of this aged lady all through her life is something remarkable.  From the time she was an infant till death closed her eyes in sleep she never employed a physician for either herself or her children.  Up till but a few weeks ago she managed all of her own business affairs and even to the day before her death did much of the work in her own kitchen.  She was hearty, hale and exceedingly bright till about six weeks ago, when she fell and injured her hip and it is believed by her children that this injury hastened her to the end of her life. 
The evening preceding her death she ate a hearty supper and retired.  Yesterday morning she announced to those about her that she was tired and not ready to arise.  She fell quietly into a peacful sleep, from which she never awakened. 
Rebecca Paul was born of Quaker parentage in Philadelphia, Pa., on January 13, 1806.  She was married to George Hartley March 17, 1825, and in the fall of 1829 crossed the mountains with her husband and two small children in a stage, settling in Cincinnati, O., for a short time.  In the year 1831 they moved to Indiana and two years later to Missouri, where they remained but a few months.  In 1834 they located in Jersey county, Illinois, and ten years later came to this state, settling in Lee county.  They returned to Illinois in 1853, but came back to Iowa in 1853, settling in Johnson county, where they remained for three years.  They then came to Cedar Rapids and the lady has ever since made this her home, her husband dying in 1880, at the age of 75
She was the mother of eleven children, seven sons and four daughters. The oldest one living is Solomon, now 73, who has resided with his mother in this city for many years. Two of the daughters and one son have died.  She was the grandmother of sixty-four children, fifty of whom are living, and the great-grandmother of sixty-three children.  Of the latter there are fifty-four living. 
Mrs. Hartley clung to the custom of her religion through her entire life, making all of her clothes, silk and calico alike, from the same pattern.  Her dress was that of the Quaker and she ardently followed up the teachings she had received when a child.    She lived a plain and simple life, performing the duties of a gentle mother and loving wife.  Her years were many and were happy ones, as she enjoyed a health which few are favored with in this life's lot.  All of the children living, with the exception of three boys in California, will be here to attend the funeral.  Final arrangements for the services and interment have not been complete.

Her will is transcribed here.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Family Friday: Rosie, Winnie, Polly & Lula

Fortunately someone noted the full names of this quartet so we don't have to guess who's who:
                       Rosie McGowan nee Joslin (my first cousin, three times removed)
                                Winnie McGowan Northrup (Rosie's sister-in-law)
                              Polly Worden Joslin (my third great aunt)
                                  Lula Northrup (presumably Winnie's daughter)

[Posted to her public tree by jeanandorf (who's not related to me
but manages two DNA tests of distant Worden cousins]

The location isn't mentioned but it's almost certainly in Jones County, Iowa.

I've posted pictures of Polly before that were shared with my by another cousin.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

DNA Match Linking a Speculative Hartley Relative to Solomon Hartley's Brother George

Any kind of breakthrough on my Hartley side is always exciting because my earliest known Hartley ancestor (4th great grandfather Solomon Hartley 1775-1815) has proven to be especially difficult to figure out.

For a long time I have speculatively linked George Hartley (1763-1824, rigger in Philadelphia and likely brother of my Solomon Hartley) to George's possible son Samuel, whose descendants lived in Rappahannock/Page counties in Virginia and later in West Virginia.

Today I checked for DNA matches for Hartleys in Virginia and West Virginia.  My dad has 2 DNA matches to Samuel Hartley's descendants, who also share/match known or suspected Hartley matches on AncestryDNA.  I consulted the shared cM chart and the amounts shared was reasonable given the relationships--respectively, 5th cousin (20 cM shared) and 5th 1x removed cousin (10.9 cM shared).

Will this help me figure out Solomon and George's ancestry?  I don't know.  But how cool that I was able to expand the Hartley clan through autosomal DNA and move the relationship from speculative to likely.

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