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My direct ancestors who were alive during the American Civil War

Most of my ancestors were already in the US by the time the Civil War broke out.  I am always surprised at how many direct ancestors we have only going back 150 years.

Some of the men were directly involved in the war and everyone else was affected in some way.  Elizabeth Robinson died in late December 1860, a few others during the war (Catherine Messinger, Timney Watts, Abner Webb, Isaac Leonard, possibly Elizabeth Taylor) and one over a month after the end (Elizabeth Jordan).

In the United States:

James Monroe Hartley (1846-1904)
George Washington Hartley (1805-1880)
Rebecca Paul (1806-1901)
Mary Jane Tibbetts (1852-1940)
Henry Charles Tibbetts (1826-1902)
Mary Burnight (1803-1863)
Catherine Messinger (1827-1862)
Mary Martha Miller (1800-1871)
William Henry Harrison Nosler (1840-1914)
John Nosler (1800-1864)
Martha Snavell (1776-1871)
Esther Loretta Rittgers (1844-1887)
Jacob B Rittgers (1800-1879)
James Chappell Warren Sr (1854-1924)
Jesse Thomas Simeon Warren (1825-1894)
Timney P Watts (1805-1863)
Martha Heath Hardy (1834-1886)
Sarah Heath Chappell (1810-after 1870)
Nannie Elizabeth Freeman (1857-1934)
Henry Hill Freeman (1815-1887)
Elizabeth Jordan (1787-1865)
Mary Elizabeth Turner (1823-1890)
Tracy Darrow Porter (1863-1945)
Orville Porter (1838-1916)
William Porter (1796-1868)
Martha Shepard (1800-after 1870)
Lydia Wilcox (1775-1869)
Matilda Biddle (1846-1927)
Benjamin BR Biddle (1808-1882)
Mariah Evans (1814-1899)
Ruth Holt (1791-1867)
John Warren Avery (1835-abt 1899)
Mary Thornton (1793-1871)
Celestine Herrod (1836-1921)
Susanna Wells (abt 1800-after 1870)
Lewis Logan Slater (1855-1905)
George W Slater (1832-1899)
Sarah M Matthews (1832-after 1910)
Susan Hanon (1805-1884)
Rufina Ellen Tomlinson (1863-1943)
George M Tomlinson (1839-1922)
Catharine Gaskill (1804-1874)
Elizabeth Taylor (1845-abt 1863)
Thomas Taylor (1808-1890)
Sarah Lynchard (1819-1879)
Jesse David Webb (1860-1935)
Abner Webb (1835-abt 1862)
Elizabeth Robinson (1782-1860)
Mercy Anna Darling (1835-1915)
David Darling (1805-1889)
Mary Polly Gates (1805-1883)
Willet Orlando Worden (1843-1912)
Porter Worden (1814-1891)
Lyman Worden (1791-1883)
Hannah Leonard (1816-1887)
Isaac Leonard (1780-1863)
Delilah Grove (1846)-1925)
Frederick Grove (1812-1882)
Leah Bixler (1813-1900)


In Norway/Sweden:

Berdines Rasmussen Fister
Rasmus Pedersen Fister
Peder Faltinson
Randi Pedersdottar Folsvig
Anna Pedersdottar Oye
Gustav Anderssen Bergehuin (possibly)
Lisabet Odsdottar
Aad Knutson Bakke
Mette Halvorsdottar Lillerod

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