Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Drive: Tomlinson/Slater

When this photo was taken, probably in 1938*, my grand aunt Opal Slater (on right) was living in Omaha, Nebraska, with her mother Rufina Tomlinson Slater (on left)**.

From what I can see of it, the car they're standing next to looks like a 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan and probably belonged to Opal who had been called back to Nebraska from her legal career in Boston to take care of her aging mother sometime in 1934/35.

By 1936 Opal was an attorney at the Home Owners' Loan Corporation, a New Deal agency set up to deal with the collapse of the home mortgage market after the 1929 stock market crash.

[Courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

*I think this because that's the number in the circle at the corner of the rope frame around the image. Unfortunately this scan doesn't show the entire border.
**The woman in the middle is described merely as "a friend."

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