Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fantastic Find: NARA's Prologue Magazine

Scrolling through Ancestry Blog today I found a post by Linda Barnickle discussing Prologue Magazine, which is published by the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA).  Almost 20 years are available online free in .pdf format.  What a great source!  I had no idea this existed--how did I miss this all these years?

All genealogical magazines/journals have a general theme, which could be location, last name, etc.  In the Prologue Magazine's case, it showcases records that are available at NARA.  According to Barnickle:

For decades, Prologue has guided researchers, authors, historians and genealogists through the riches of the National Archives. Available as a print subscription, or accessible online, the magazine is heavily illustrated with photographs and documents. Articles are written by NARA staff and others, and are solidly based on the records of the National Archives.
I recommend scrolling through these articles.  This magazine is great for getting ideas on what kinds of records might be available.

Some of the main articles in the current issue (Spring 2016).  When you click on each a .pdf file opens.
Issues currently available online (free).  You can check on WorldCat to see what libraries nearby carry older issues and physical copies.

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