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From the Probate files: Jeremiah Warren Part 15, Account Current - May 2, 1836

Another year, another probate court filing by John Graybill and Jesse G. Butts, the executors of my fourth great uncle Jeremiah Warren's estate in Hancock County, Georgia.

["Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990," images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Hancock > image 300 of 376;
county probate courthouses, Georgia.]

Account hiring of the negroes belonging to the Estate of Jeremiah
     Warren dec'd. for 1835, to wit,
     Jack                                                                      to John Graybill                        125.00
     Dave                                                                     " Ja's. & R. Wilcoxen               120.00
     Anderson & Hal 120 ea Lucy 35                          " Wm. Warren                          275.00
     Meredith                                                               " Rob't. Warren                         120.00
     Edm? *                                                                  " Peter Equals                           120.00
     Lethe                                                                    " Mary Warren                            50.00
     Abram, Amy & e children                                   " Dav'd. Amos                           130.00
     Tom hired during the years 1833. '4 & '5 being an idiot Wm. Warren victuals & clothes
     Hancock County. Jno. Graybill & Jesse G. Butts being duly sworn say
     the above acc't. hiring is true & correct.
     Sworn to & subscribed before
     me this 2nd. May 1836.                                         John Graybill
     Henry Rogers C.C.O.                                            Jesse G. Butts 

Jack, Anderson, Hal, Meredith, Edmund, Lethe and Amy and her children remained with the same people who had hired them the previous year. Lucy was transferred from Robert to Mary Warren, Abram to David Amos, and Dave was hired jointly by the Wilcoxens. I had considered the possibility that Tom's non-appearance on last year's list meant that he had died, but William Warren is credited with providing his food and clothing for the past three years.

["Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990," images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Hancock > image 301 of 376;
county probate courthouses, Georgia.]

John Graybill & Jesse G. Butts Ex'rs. of Jeremiah Warren dec'd.
1835         In acct. with the Estate of said dec'd.
Jan'y 1   To bal due Estate pr. acc't. rend'd.                                            2763.93-1/4
               " Hire of negroes for 1835. pr. acc't. rend'd.                              940.00
               " cash rec'd bal Prestley Harpers note due dec'd.   }
                              $1026.62   In't. $161.81-3/4                    }               1188.43-3/4
               "     "     " Note on Edm'd. Butts 40.41  In't. 17.77                      58.18  
               By cash p'd. Clk. c.o. for recording this return & acc't. hiring      1.75
               " com on am't. rec'd. 2186, 61                                                     54.66
               " Bal due Est 1 Jan'ry 1836                                                      4894.14
              Hancock County. John Graybill & Jesse G. Butts Ex'rs. 
              of &c. of Jeremiah Warren dec'd. being duly sworn say
              that the above acc't. current is just & true
              Sworn to & subscribed before
              me this 2nd. May 1836.                                         John Graybill
              H Rogers C.C.O.                                                   Jesse G. Butts                                                                                                        

*This is Edmund, hired out to P[eter] Equals again this year. Peter was a relatively rare given name and when I decided to try to figure out who the Wilcoxens were, using census records from 1840 for Hancock County I think I figured out what his "real" name was: Peter Echols. Here's the page from the census--note how many of the people on it are familiar to us from these probate records. (Polley Warren is Jeremiah's deaf sister Mary Warren)

[Year: 1840; Census Place: District 101, Hancock, Georgia; Roll: 43; Page: 208; Image: 426; Family History Library Film: 0007044. 1840 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Original data: Sixth Census of the United States, 1840. (NARA microfilm publication M704, 580 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C.]

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