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Mappy Monday: 1829 Map of the United States, and A Snapshot of Where Everyone Was

On my Ancestry tree I have attached the following image to all my direct ancestors who were alive at the time this map was published.
[1829.1 UNITED STATES, drawn & engraved by Sidy. Hall, Bury Str. Bloomsby. London, published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, Paternoster Row, 1829.  from]
I put this map up originally to get a perspective on what the United States looked like to my 3rd great grandparents, George W Hartley and Rebecca Paul, when they left Philadelphia in 1829 for Cincinnati.  By 1833 they had ventured out as far as Independence, Missouri. which was clearly way out West at that point.

My fourth great grandfather, Thomas Taylor (1808-1890) was about 21 and most likely in Pennsylvania, although where I do not know, possibly in the Pittsburgh area.  I suspect he was an apprentice somewhere, as his trade was blacksmith.

My fourth great grandfather, Isaac Webb (b 1807), was about 22 and most likely living with his parents Isaac Webb (1760-1844) and Jane Kennedy (1767-1841) in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  His future wife, Jane Sill (b 1811), was about 18 and likely living with her parents Jesse Sill (1782-1857) and Elizabeth Robinson (1782-1860) in Versailles, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  Jesse Sill's parents, William Sill (1757-1841) and Jane Hunt (1756-1838), were also in Versailles, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

My fourth great grandfather, Frederick Grove/Groves (1812-1882), was about 17 and living with his parents, John Grove (1769-1851) and Justina Shaffer (1774-1853), in Hopewell, York, Pennsylvania.  Justina Shaffer's mother, Maria Barbara Scherer (1753-1832), had been widowed for 5 years and was possibly in Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania. Frederick Grove's future wife, Leah Bixler (1813-1900), was in Fawn, York, Pennsylvania, living with her parents Emanuel Bixler (b abt 1778) and Elizabeth (b abt 1781).

By the Fall of 1829, George Hartley (1805-1880) and Rebecca Paul (1806-1901) were in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked as a shoemaker.  His mother, Mary (Gwinnup) Hartley, was most likely in Philadelphia with her other children.  His father, Solomon Hartley, had been dead for 14 years.  Rebecca's parents, Robert Paul (1774-1831) and Sarah Shoemaker (1780-1856), were also back in Philadelphia in a neighborhood called Frankford.

My third great grandparents Jacob Rittgers (1800-1879) and Esther Patterson (1802-1856) were in Pleasant Township, Fairfield, Ohio, as were Jacob's parents John Rittgers (1767-1848) and Sarah Comer (1775-1834).  I am not sure where Esther's parents were, or even who they were, although I suspect her father was the Samuel Patterson in the 1820 Census in Fairfield.

My fourth great grandparents, Jesse Tomlinson (1798-1857) and Catherine Gaskill (1804-1874), were in Perry Township, Pickaway, Ohio.  Catherine's parents, Caleb Gaskill (1775-1837) and Phoebe Budd(?) (1775-1845), were in due north about 27 miles away in Scioto Township, Ross, Ohio.

Thomas Taylor's future wife, my fourth great grandmother Sarah Lynchard (1819-1879), was likely in Cincinnati, Ohio with her mother Prudence Talbot (1787-1834) and her second husband, William Bowman (I believe a butcher).

West Virginia (was Virginia at the time)
Elizabeth Reger (abt 1770-abt 1849), my speculative sixth great grandmother, possible mother of Prudence Talbot, was likely living in Volga, Barbour, West Virginia.

My third great grandparents Henry Charles Tibbetts (1826-1902) and Catherine Messinger (1827-1862) were both small children living in Franklin Township, Marion, Indiana, now part of the larger Indianapolis area.  His parents, George Tibbetts (1798-1855), a tanner, and Mary Burnight (1803-1863), had moved there the year before from Dearborn County, Indiana.  George Tibbetts' parents, Benjamin Tibbetts (1769-1853) and Hannah Snow (1773-1844), were still in Dearborn County, as were Mary Burnight's parents, Jeremiah Burnight (1779-1837) and Phoebe Worrall (1785-1863).

My third great grandparents John Nosler (1800-1864) and Nancy Hibbs (1800-1854), his parents John Nosler (1766-1837) and Martha Snavely (1776-1871), and her parents Mahlon Hibbs (b 1747) and Nancy (1764-1846), were all in Putnam County, Indiana.

My fourth great grandparents William T Slater (1792-1847) and Emily Jane Wilson (b 1799) were likely in Jefferson Township, Pike, Indiana.

Emily Jane Wilson's parents, John Wilson (1771-1835) and Ruth Welborn (1781-1840), were in Sangamon County, Illinois.  They had moved to neighboring Montgomery County, Illinois 3 years earlier in 1826.

My fourth great grandparents Eli Matthews (1804-1864) and Susan Hanon (1805-1884) had likely been married for a year or so and were living in Sangamon County, Illinois.  Eli's parents, Claiborne Matthews (b abt 1775) and Rebecca Moore (1775-1835), as well as Susan's mother Sarah (1771-1838) were also in Sangamon County.

New York
My fourth great grandparents William Porter (1796-1868) and Martha Shepard (b 1800) had moved from Alstead/Walpole, Cheshire, New Hampshire to Mexico, Oswego, New York about 3 years earlier.

My fourth great grandparents David Darling (1805-1889) and Mary Polly Gates (1805-1883) were in New York, most likely Virgil, Cortland, New York.  David's parents, David Darling (1761-1839) and Mercy Phillips (1771-1853), were also there, as well as the likely father of Mary, Joseph Gates (1776-1854).

My fourth great grandfather Porter Worden (1811-1891) was about 18 and lived with his parents, Lyman Worden (1791-1883) and Elizabeth Brown (1795-1857), in Oswego, Oswego, New York.  Porter Worden's grandparents, Richmond Worden (1758-1837) and possible Orinda Lippett (b 1762), in Oswego as well (I'm not sure when Orinda died).   Porter Worden's future wife, Hannah Leonard (1813-1887), was about 16 and likely living with her parents, Isaac Leonard (1780-1862) and Jemima White(?) (b abt 1785), in Hounsfield, Jefferson, New York.

New Hampshire
Martha Shepard's mother, Lucia Farnsworth (b 1762), was most likely in Walpole, Cheshire, New Hampshire, although since her husband had died over 2 years before it is possible Lucia was living in Mexico, Oswego, New York (the 1830 Census indicates a woman her age living with Martha Shepard/William Porter).

William Porter's mother, Lydia Wilcox (1775-1869), had remarried a man named Henry Scovil and was living in Belton, Tolland, Connecticut (I think).

Hannah Snow's parents, Philip Snow (b 1748) and Abigail Townsend (1754-1834), my sixth great grandparents, were in Charleston, Penobscot, Maine.

My fourth great grandfather, B. R. Biddle (1808-1848) was about 21 and may have been apprenticing to be a tailor in Middlesborough, Bell, Kentucky (although that doesn't appear to be called that until much later), or may have been going between there and his parent's home in Grainger County, Tennessee.  His parents, Benjamin R Biddle (1776-1848) and Mary Ann Capell (b 1782) had moved from Southampton County, Virginia to Grainger County, Tennessee sometime before 1826.

B. R.'s future wife, Maria Evans (1814-1899) was about 15 and living with her parents, Elijah Evans (1786-1842) and Rutha Holt (1791-1867), in Claiborne County, Tennessee (neighboring county to Grainger).  Elijah Evans' father Elijah Evans (1760-1828) had died the year before, and Elijah's mother Sarah Hampton (1761-1832) was living in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Rutha Holt's parentage has not been definitively determined, although I suspect the David Holt (1767-1854) in Grainger County was her father, or at least a relative of some kind.

My third great grandfather Jesse T. S. Warren (1825-1894) was about 4 in either Meriwether or Troup County, Georgia, with his mother Timney Watts (1805-1863) and his stepfather John Phillips (1792-1852).  Jesse's father had died in 1826.

My fourth great grandparents, Alfred Ward Hardy (1809-1850) and Sarah Heath Chappell (1810-1876), were to be married within the year, about 1830.  Alfred was likely in Lincoln County, Georgia, while Sarah was likely in Monroe County, Georgia.  Her father John Chappell (1763-1828) had died the year before and her mother, Sarah Heath (1771-1837) was likely in Monroe County, Georgia.  This is curious, as Sarah and Alfred would be about 150 miles apart--I wonder how they met?  It does appear that Sarah's father, Abraham Heath, died in Warren County, Georgia, in 1807, and Warren County is fairly close (about 20 miles) to Lincoln County, so perhaps the Wards and Chappell families knew each other from before?  This needs more analysis. Alfred Ward Hardy's parents, John Hardy (1773-1854) and Elizabeth Ward (1773-1854), were also in Lincoln County, Georgia.

My third great grandfather, Henry Hill Freeman (1815-1887) was about 14 in Jasper County, Georgia, living with his widowed mother, Elizabeth Jordan (1787-1865) (his father Josiah had died 5 years earlier in 1824).  His future wife, Mary Elizabeth Turner (1823-1890) was about 6 in Jasper County, and lived there with her parents Richard Turner (1779-1852) and Mary Henderson (b 1781).

My fourth great grandparents Samuel L Avery (1790-1853) and Mary Thornton (1793-1871) were in either Marengo or Bibb County, Alabama.  Samuel's father, Henry Avery/Avera (1753-1836), was in Bibb County, Alabama.  His wife and my fifth great grandmother, Mary Cutts (1765-1826), had died 3 years earlier.

Mary Thornton's father, James Thornton (about 1760) was last found in Chesterfield, South Carolina in 1820, but his son Levi was in Mississippi by about 1825, so I think that Mary Thornton's mother, Sarah (1761-1845) may have been in Mississippi (likely Smith County, Mississippi) by 1829.

My fourth great grandparents, Barnabas Herrod (1804-1855) and Susanna Grubb (b 1800), were likely in Madison County, Mississippi.  Barnabas' father Barnabeth/Barnett Herrod (b 1762) was also likely in Madison county, although he may also have been in Amite County, Mississippi.  I think Susanna Grubb was a daughter of Benjamin Grubb (1754-abt 1822), and inherited some money from him when he died (this is somewhat speculative).

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