Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fantastic Find: FamilySearch Wiki's Genealogy Research Forms

I have not quite settled on a systematic way of documenting my research, such as a dedicated research log.  Most of my research record can be found on my Ancestry tree, taking the form of sources added automatically when I add records and also any stories I create as well as notes/comments I make on any given profile.  I've also toyed with Evernote and Google Drive spreadsheets.

Part of my personal mission this year to improve my genealogy process.  If I ever do this line of work professionally I will have to be able to systematically go through relevant sources quickly.  The Shiny Bright Object way won't cut it!  That's for after hours fun.

The FamilySearch wiki page on Genealogy Research Forms has a great compilation of research forms, from census blank forms to family group sheets to research trackers.  Just going through the forms this afternoon has fired up my imagination on what I can do going forward.

In a somewhat related note, Travis LeMaster's post ""Building My 2011 Research Template"" at TJL Genes: Preserving Our Family History also appealed to me for it's systematic approach (here is an example of one of LeMaster's ancestors Edmund G. Pierce evaluated with that template).  I might just start with this approach, coupled with the timeline that Ancestry automatically generates when I do a particular ancestor's post.

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