Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Drive: Slater

The only information we have for this photo is "Peter Slater & his old Lizzie" which leaves a number of questions unanswered: Who is the little girl? (Could it be my birth mother Alta Mae?) and to whom did those trailers on either side of his car belong to? Whose car is just barely showing on the left side of the picture?

[Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

And why are so many of our forebears' photos out of focus?

© 2016 Copyright, Christine Manczuk, All Rights Reserved.


  1. The girl's dress looks like 40s, what do you think? If so is that the right age or your mother? She would have been older .... Also if the car was already "old" it would be later, I think. I bet you can figure that one out!

  2. I think the information about this photo was added by my grandmother at a later time. She doesn't seem to have be particularly diligent about captioning the family snapshots and when she does they all look as if they were written with the same pen. The little girl's dress looks more 1920s or maybe 1930s--I think by the 1940s dresses were more likely to have waistlines.

  3. Many of my family photos were captioned later also, by people who thought they knew but didn't. Yes, that little girl's dresses look the same to me.