Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Working on Wednesday: Chopping Wood for the Smoke House, Winchester Bay - 1954

I've posted before about our visits to friends at the Fisherman's Trailer Park* in Winchester Bay, Oregon. Lena (Helen Dunn) Spooner (1903-1972) and her husband Stanley (1898-1970) managed the trailer park for their son-in-law and Lena also smoked salmon for sports fishermen using her special recipe**. In this photo taken in 1954, Dad is chopping alder wood, I'm stoking the fire and Lena is posed in front of her smoke house. 

[From my personal collection]

*Now known as Fisherman's RV Park, it's operated by Lena's great granddaughter.
**If I recall correctly the salmon was soaked in a brine that included brown sugar. I've never tasted smoked fish that could match Lena's--still warm from the fire. Somehow whenever the time came to sample the salmon we kids would always be there.

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