Monday, January 2, 2017

A Final Goodbye to the Christmas Tree (Until Next Year)

"The Cultured Christmas Tree," Martin Moyer productions, 1968 (National Archives and Records Administration channel).  Note: there is a red tractor sighting in this video.

My mom always has a real Christmas tree, but this year was the first year we had one.  Since Steve and I were knocked out with a cough and cold the entire blasted vacation, there won't be too many other things to remember this Christmas by (except an inordinate amount of sleeping!).

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  1. Xine! Awesome red Harvester! The green one was also worthy, don't know what manufacturer used that light green, or if it was a Deere very faded. And the shovel that picks up the dirt. Loved the whole thing, the guy spraying with no mask, for instance. Only 48 years ago, and it all looks old-fashioned and hands-on. Now I'm curious about how its done now. Great post, tree ancestry.