Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Drive: Eugene, Oregon - 1954

Although it wasn't something I planned doing today, I ended up spending several hours organizing a bunch of old Kodachrome slides this afternoon. 

These photos were probably taken in July of 1954 while we were staying at a cherry orchard on a hill outside of Eugene, Oregon, that belonged to our friends the Redingers: Clyde, Lila and Tommy. The kid next to me is Tommy (obviously a Cub Scout)  with his flash camera and a goose.

Here's a better view of said goose who doesn't look at all comfortable having his/her picture taken. We're posed in front of the 1952 Boles Aero trailer--I posted a picture of it parked at this location here.

[From my personal collection]

As to the make of the car Tommy and I are sitting behind in the top photo--I have no clue. If you recognize it, please let me know.

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  1. First, the car, I'm pretty sure it is either a Ksiser or a Fraser. Second, you are quite fortunate that goose did not bite the shit out of you. Third, I will always have Boles Aero envy.