Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Drive: Trip to Oregon 1954 - June 7th

Here's Mother's entry for the first day of our trip to Oregon. (Note: Mother's spelling was never her strongest point, not was it Dad's either.)

And Kodachrome slides we can connect to the events of the day.

[Dad's caption: Margurite, Dad, Freddy, Mother Poncheti Min
Pat Jimmy
Start on Trip 1954]

Back row, left to right: Dad's youngest sister Marguerite Helen Currey (1913-1999), his father Delbert Artimus Currey (1869-1954), Marguerite's son by her first husband, Freddy (Charles Frederick Peterson, Jr. 1940-2008), Dad's mother Ethel Viola Plank (1882-1961), neighbor Bernard Ponchetti (1907-1994), and Mother Bernice Evangeline Grenfell (1902-1979). I'm standing next to Marguerite younger son Jimmy** who lived across the street and was my constant playfellow.

Our first night was spent at Doheny State Beach (98 miles away). It's likely the photo below was taken while Mother was napping as Dad always most of the pictures.

[Dad's caption: Pat Dohney State Park 1954]

*Mother hated being called Min though Dad never let that stop him. And all those people were close neighbors--notice how far away she placed herself from her in-laws with a empty space and Mr. Ponchetti as insulation.
**As far as I can tell Jimmy is the only other person in this photo who's still alive so I'm not sharing any personal information about him.

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