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From the Probate Files: Jeremiah Warren Part 17, Appraise & Apportion the Negroes, June 14-15, 1837

Five years to the day after the death of Jeremiah Warren, a Commission appointed by the Court met to determine the value* of the enslaved persons belonging to the estate along with the cash (notes) in the estate's account.and to work out a fair division of this property.

We the Commissioners agreeable to an order of the 
Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary Purposes, to us
directed have proceeded to appraise the negroes and
apportion the same as presented to us by the Exec's.
of Jeremiah Warren dec'd. also the notes of said estate.
        Appraisement of negroes June 14th 1837.
Negro man               Hal                                800.00
    "       "                  Jack                               800.00
    "       "                  Edmund                         800.00
    "       "                  Meredith                        800.00
    "       "                  Davy                              800.00
    "       "                  Anderson                       800.00
    "       "                  Abram  aged                  400.00
    "       "                  Tom  insane                     50.00
    "       Girl              Letha & Child                600.00
    "       woman       Lucy  aged                      150.00
    "       "                 Amy     "                         400.00
    "       girl             Caroline                          550.00
    "       Boy             Irwin                              550.00
                                          Forwarded      $ 7500.00

                      Amount Forwarded                               $ 7500.00               
  Negro girl                Fanny                                             275.00   

Amount of Notes pr. return                                            8297.67
By Amount of notes returned but not
     charged in account                                                      783.58   
        Total Amount of Estate. Legatees 6)                 $16856.25
                    am't. of each L[eg]acy                             $2809.37
Heirs of Jas. Warren  To man Jack             800.00
                                    "  Tom insane           50.00
                                   "  boy Irwin              550.00
                                   "  am't. notes          1364.48       2764.48
Polly Warren              " man Hal                800.00
                                   "  Woman Lucy       150.00
                                   "  girl Fanny             275.00
 (► A)**                     "  am't. notes          1573.00       2845.84
Heirs of Jesse Warren  " man Edmund       800.00
                                   "  Woman Amy        400.00

                                   "  am't. notes          1644.32       2844.32
Lott Harton                " man Meredith        800.00
                                   " girl Letha & child  600.00
 (► B)**                    "  am't. of notes        1147.18      2621.44                             
William Warren         " man Davy               800.00
                                  "  girl Caroline          550.00
                                  "  am't. notes           1727.18       3077.18
Robert Warren          " man Anderson        800.00
                                  "    "   Abram            400.00
                                  "  am't. notes           1634.42       2834.42
  (► C)**                                                                    $ 16793.68
       Amount of Choice & Stemburger notes undivided     70.93
               Am't. of the several Legacies                      $16864.61

We the Commissioners agreeable to an Order
of the Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary Purposes
do hereby certify that we have proceeded to divide
and apportion the estate of Jeremiah Warren dec'd.  

["Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990," images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Hancock > image 63 of 662;
county probate courthouses, Georgia.]

according to the Last Will and testament of said Estate
as presented to us by the executors of said Estate
in the manner and form as will be found upon
the examination of the foregoing statement.
     Given under our hands this 25th day of June
      1837                                 Wilkins Smith}
                                               Geo Rives      }
                                               Wyatt Harper }

Georgia Hancock County
     I do hereby certify that Geo Rives, Edmund L.
Bass, William Hurt and Wyatt Harper were duly
qualified before they entered upon the discharge
of their duties. June 14th 1837
                                              Wilkins Smith J.I.C.

I certify that Wilkins ^Smith^ was duly qualified before
me this 14th day of June 1837.         Edmund L. Bass J.T.

The foregoing entry in the Probate Court's records is the last one I've been able to find for Jeremiah Warren's estate either in the general index or by paging through other online records at FamilySearch so we don't know when the actual division took place.

*My post covering the original inventory of Jeremiah's estate is here.
**Marginal notes: Note A = Error 107.84; Note B = Error 74.26; Note C. Error
***Lott Harton was the husband of Jeremiah's sister Sarah.

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  1. Replies
    1. No, there's been no mention of them at all in Jeremiah's probate records since the inventory of his estate shortly after his death. My post next Friday will be about that.

    2. Look what I just found!

    3. Great find Marco! Checking the records, there's only one Mary Warren in Smith County in the 1870 and 1880 censuses--born in Virginia and in the 1870 census was living next to John Graybill. Both those census records list her birth year as 1809/1810 so I think the cemetery date of 1800 is wrong.

    4. I think 1800 is wrong as well.

    5. Did you find Rhody Warren,Sondall Warren and Clem Warren he's list in the inventory as well.

    6. Ever since I first saw Jeremiah Warren's will I wanted to know what happened to the seven people named in his Item #10. Although I've gone through his probate records year by year, the only other mention of Mary and the rest of them is in the inventory of his estate and I never would have thought to look for Mary in Texas if you hadn't shared your findings with us here. Next week I'm going to look through John Grayvill's records after 1840 to see if we can find any traces of Mary there--at least we should be able to figure out when she was moved to Texas. Then I want to focus on Mary--knowing that she lived long enough to be free.