Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Andrew Jackson's Inauguration: What the Newspapers Said

The buildup to the Trump's inauguration is most impressive.  Will it be over the top, low key, or will some protesters create havoc?

I've heard a few news outlets mention the upcoming festivities compared to Andrew Jackson's raucous first inauguration, which followed a vicious election between Jackson and incumbent John Quincy Adams.  I looked through my usual newspaper databases hoping to find some coverage of the event in an "above the fold" placement, but newspapers weren't set up like that back then.  What I did find was that some things never change in American politics.

It's like it was ripped from the headlines today.  I laughed out loud. "The federal party..." New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) March 9, 1829, page 2, col 2; digital image, GenealogyBank (http://www.genealogybank.com/doc/newspapers/image/v2:103709D225B248A8@GB3NEWS-103F18B63448A846@2389156-103F18B688CDC50D@1 : 17 Jan 2017).

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