Saturday, January 21, 2017

More DNA Fun: Mom Has Sent In Her 23andMe DNA Test

My mom's test box, which she sent back for testing last Tuesday.

I first saw the new Ancestry Timeline at 23andMe on Randy Seaver's Genea-Musing blog, which was inspired by Roberta Estes' Calling HOGWASH on 23andMe’s Ancestry Timeline (she is not a fan of this particular beta ethnicity tool).

A few other blog posts/discussion on the beta tool at:
Roots & Recombinant DNA
[Genealogy Under Construction]

I want to know what my parents' estimated timeline now, however flawed.  I find the different ways these companies try to visualize all this information interesting.

My mom had decided to break down and finally order a 23andMe test a little while back and sent it back for testing last Tuesday.

Now I need to get a test for my dad.  It's only money!    I seem to remember that just a while back 23andMe jacked up their price to $199, but now offer two options: an ancestry test ($99) and a more expensive health and ancestry test ($199).

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