Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday Outing: San Diego Women's March

Yesterday I was one of the estimated 30-40,000 people* who crowded downtown San Diego's streets in support of the Women's March. There were lots of pink pussy hats and homemade signs. The mood was inclusive and upbeat and not even the brief rain dampened spirits.

[Downtown San Diego, 21 Jan 2017 from my personal collection]

*They were expecting 20-22,000; San Diego Transit kept to their usual light Saturday bus schedule so they were completely overwhelmed. After a 1/2 hour late bus didn't stop for us because it was already very full, we might not have been able to get there but we were fortunate to find a neighbor who was willing to drop us off downtown. (Thanks Dave!)

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  1. SD Transit, prepared as always! Love the hats, not sure anyone here knows about them and I might just look really stupid ..... stupider ......