Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fantastic Find: World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups

I discovered this map through a post by Nivenus at io9 titled "A Patrilineal Map of the World."

I strongly suggest that you not only look at the pretty map, but also read the comments Nivenus added which help explain what you're looking at. Here's the first one:
"This only shows the dominant haplogroup(s). The actual genetic diversity in many of these regions is more than it appears (though not so much in others; the Basque in Spain and France for example express 92.7% correlation with Haplogroup R-M207)."
Nivenus is promising an even more exciting map someday.
"I'm also working on my own, similar map, which has multiple layers and shows off more of the individual mix in each country."
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