Friday, January 9, 2015

Husband's DNA Results in -- Never a Dull Moment!

My husband's AncestryDNA results finally finished.  I had tried to guess beforehand what his predicted ethnicity estimate would be, and I was pleased to see it was very close.  He is mostly German and Polish, and the results overwhelmingly reflected that.  Throw in some small amounts of Great Britain, Ireland, Finland/Russia, and Scandinavia (which I expected some amount of each), and I was very pleased with my accuracy.

My husband's family has a story that one of his female ancestors was Cherokee.  Well, he has some trace Native American, especially in his GEDmatch ethnicity runs, somewhere between what my dad and I have.  So maybe it isn't just a family legend.

He also has some trace Nigeria.  I didn't see that coming.  Maybe he has a story like Johnny Depp's African ancestor.  Looks like I have some research to do on his tree!

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