Friday, January 30, 2015

Latest News from AncestryDNA

Here's what Anna Swain, an Ancestry DNA expert, had to say this morning:
"The AncestryDNA database has grown to more than 700,000 people, and now that the test is available in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, it will grow even faster with new possibilities for discovery on both sides of the pond."

After giving some general reasons why this is such good news, she gets personal:
"If any of you are like me, I have a few lines that 'appear' in the U.S. with few or no leads as to where they came from. In fact, I have three different lines going back to the 5th generation who were born in 1832, 1837, and 1844 in Kentucky, Virginia, and Indiana respectively, and that’s where I’m stuck.  Census records tell me one of these lines came from England, which means I’m extremely excited for AncestryDNA to be available there now. I’m hoping to match with cousins there who can connect me to my past on these lines."
Yes, indeed! I hope this will help us to eventually locate where William T. Slater, the most recent of my immigrant ancestors, was born in the late 18th century. Family lore says he was from Yorkshire.

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