Saturday, September 19, 2015

Har! Pirate Genealogy

The Flag of Edward England, otherwise known as "The Jolly Roger."

Ahoy! Do ye have a pirate ancestor?

Blimey! I don't know of any in my line, but I went to thee prom with a guy who claimed he was a descendant of Jean LaFitte.  Alas! And I believe one of my cousins is married to a descendant or either a pirate or buccaneer.

Thar be places to look if ye suspect a pirate lurks in yer clan tree.

Blacksheep Ancestors (worth a look any time of the year) has a section devoted to pirates.

Yo-ho-ho! The Genealogist had a featured article on thee subject in 2011.

Cyndi's List has a section for pirates and buccaneers.

Ancestry featured an article last year by D. Brenton Simons and Michael J. Leclerc called "They Came from the Family Tree: Finding Scoundrels, Misfits, and Other Colorful Ancestors" that includes pirates.

Wikipedia has a nice article on the history of piracy.

Thanks to SpeakPirate for the translation.

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