Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Drive: Curreys and Travel Trailer #1

Harold built a tent camper for the bed of their 1935 Dodge truck soon after buying it and he, Bernice and Junior traveled at least as far as the Oregon coast with it.*

[My personal collection]

A few years after that the Curreys bought their first travel trailer in 1938 and took it on its inaugural trip to Encinitas.**

[My personal collection]

*Actually the picture was taken at Depoe Bay which bills itself as " The World's Smallest Harbor" and "The Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast." Obviously the Curreys, with their boating experience behind them, weren't impressed with the harbor entrance.
**In those days trailers were still uncommon and Dad said that whenever two trailers met on the road, both would honk and wave as if greeting old friends. Other drivers weren't always comfortable when they faced a vehicle pulling a trailer. In one case a woman panicked at the sight of the Curreys' rig coming towards her and stalled her car in the middle of a mountain road. Fortunately there was just enough room for Dad to edge his truck and trailer around her and continue on.

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  1. Priceless! I want both rigs! One of my uncles bought a VW bug in 1954 and if you met another one on the road you would honk and wave, and perhaps even get out and talk. We took a 5 day trip in about 1955 and saw only 3 other ones.

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