Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Drive: Curreys and Travel Trailer #2

This is the travel trailer that the Curreys had during the 1940s and up until 1952. The earlier photos were taken before I arrived on the scene and the trailer is being towed by a pre-war Dodge truck.* The color slides were taken in 1951 during our trip to South Dakota to visit Bernice's father; the tow vehicle is a post-war Dodge.

[Location unknown]

[Possibly at Agua Caliente County Park]

[Parked in front of the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C.]

[At Indio, California]

[Grenfell Ranch, Lawrence County, South Dakota]
[Shell Highway Map of South Dakota, 1949. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection]

*I can't tell the exact year--it could be 1939, 1940 or 1941. Whatever the year, I'm certain the truck was red, Dad's favorite color.

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  1. Looks like Bernice is holding up a Navajo rug, perhaps? That could be a clue as to where it was, as she must have just acquired it and is showing it off. Your Dad and I might not have gotten on very well, but we certainly would have agreed on red trucks and trailers! Those are just wonderful photos, I just want to hitch up and go.

    1. Yes, Mother is holding a Navajo rug but I don't think that's a clue to the location of the shot. Of all the photos I have there are none taken east of California before 1951. Their trips seem to have been confined to the Pacific Coast and always included some contact with Dad's relatives. Bernice's abusive mother didn't die until 1949 and I'm certain that they would never have gone to South Dakota while she was alive but the ultimate destination of the 1951 and 1953 trips east were to visit her father.

      Unfortunately I don't ever remember talking with Mother and Dad about where they got their rugs and baskets but I don't think they were acquired from their source until our trips to South Dakota in the 1950s.