Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Friday: Pierpoint/Joslin

Ida May Pierpoint was the wife of Lewis "Lu" Grant Joslin, my first cousin, three times removed.* The couple married in about 1897, most likely in Fairview, Jones County, Iowa.

[Courtesy of Ila Joslin Bunting (1931 - 2013)]

[Courtesy of Ila Joslin Bunting (1931 - 2013)]

[Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

The top two photos are from the family album of Ila Joslin Bunting who shared them with me after discovering several photos of her Joslins and Worden ancestors on our tree, including the one of Lu** above that was preserved in an album belonging to his cousin Elnora May Worden Webb, my great grandmother.

Cousin Ila said that she had never before seen a picture of her grandfather when he was that young.

*He was the oldest child of Thurston and Polly Ann (Worden) Joslin and the grandson of my maternal third great grandparents, Porter and Hannah (Leonard) Worden.
**That's how his name is written on the back.

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