Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Drive: Snow in Anaheim, 1949

Dad wrote the year and place on the cardboard slide holder for this picture and since snow isn't that common in Southern California it was easy to narrow down when it was taken--between January 9th and 12th. His 1948 Dodge truck and travel trailer #2 are parked behind Jimmy's work truck, possibly a 1935 Dodge.

[Jimmy Neal in truck, Anaheim, 1949, from my personal collection]

[Long Beach Independent, Long Beach, California. Tuesday, January 11, 1949. Source:]

While Jimmy Neal (1899-1974), who worked with Dad on this job for the City of Anaheim, looks rather cold in the photo above, other Southern California residents responded differently, at least for the camera.

[The Van Nuys News, Van Nuys, California. Thursday, January 13, 1949. Source:]

[Golfing in the snow in Glendale, 1949. Courtesy Glendale (CA) Public Library. Source:]

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  1. I should remember this, but I don't. I was in SC at the time, living in LA. Pretty interesting newspaper! Black Dahlia suspect and Mitchum doing dope!