Friday, April 24, 2015

Family Friday: Joslin/Worden

This photo, probably taken about 1887, is somewhat misleading--the couple are Thurston Joslin (1829 - 1920) and his wife Polly Ann Worden (1849 - 1931), the daughter of Porter Worden and Hannah Leonard, and therefore my great great grand aunt. But the little boy Polly is holding isn't one of their own--he's her grand nephew Herbert Leander Webb (1885 - 1962) the oldest child of Elnora May Worden and Jesse David Webb.
[Courtesy of Olive Kennedy]

At the time that picture was taken Polly was about 38, but she looks much younger than that and is wearing her hair cut and parted as if she was a little girl. (Boys, like Herbert, wore their hair parted on the side.)

Through the kindness of one of Polly and Thurston's descendants we have later photos of the couple surrounded by their kin.
[Courtesy of Ila Joslin Bunting (1931 - 2013)]

And of Polly after Thurston was gone.
[Courtesy of Ila Joslin Bunting (1931 - 2013)]

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