Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Drive - Oh the Places You Will Go: Humbug Mountain State Park, 1954

This photo was taken  At Humbug Mountain State Park on our way home at the end of the summer of 1954. For several days we watched the pile driver hammering the poles for the new bridge* into the ground before Dad walked down to take a closer look. It turned out that the operator of the pile driver was someone he knew--George Marks, the husband of Calvin Conner's daughter Gwen and thereby some kind of cousin of his by marriage.**

[Our campsite at Humbug Mountain, looking west, from my personal collection]

[View from the bridge-site, looking back at campground (our trailer is just visible), from my personal collection]

[View of the state park campground from the road (no trailer), from my personal collection]

[View of the south side of the bridge site from the road, from my personal collection]

That weekend George and Gwen drove down from their home in Reedsport to visit us. Sadly I haven't been able to find a picture of them.

Every summer we spent a few days at Humbug Mountain on our way north and south and over the years became friends with the park ranger, Bob (a Korean War vet) and his wife Rose both natives of Oklahoma. Since almost all of the places we stayed at did not supply running water to the individual campsites and it was my job to haul the buckets of water we needed every day, I always appreciated the hook-ups here.

*The bridge built over Brush Creek in 1954 was replaced by a new one in 1998, You can read about that one here.
**Gwen and George fell into the category of what Dad referred to as "shirt-tail relatives."

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