Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Is for Mothers: Overview

The first Monday post I dedicated to my female ancestors featured a portrait of my great great great grandmother Elizabeth Taylor Tomlinson who died about 1863. Since then I've written 82 posts on the topic including ones about my two mothers--birth mother Alta Mae Slater and Bernice Evangeline Grenfell Currey, the mother who raised me. I have looked more closely into the lives of my paternal grandmother Letta Estella Porter Warren Williams Turnbull,* and all of my great and great great grandmothers. Only one of my third-great grandmothers (Maria Evans Biddle) remains undone and, looking over the list, it appears the time has come to address the lives of my fourth-great grandmothers, since I've only written about seven of them out of a potential 32 women. Farther back in time than that it's more difficult to find enough information to write about some of my grandmothers but I have written about some including a paternal ninth-great grandmother Catherine Gookin Warren who died in Kent, England, in 1640.

[Elizabeth Taylor Tomlinson, courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

*We're hoping to hear more about her life from my first cousin who knew her.

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