Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Night Free Webinar: "Nature & Nurture - Family History for Adoptees" by Amy Slade and Janet Havorka

I originally became interested in genealogy because my mother was basically adopted.  This is my normal--I consider her adopted parents (Harold Currey "Grandpa" and Bernice Grenfell "Grandma") as her real parents and my grandparents, even while I know that her biological parents were two other people (Alta Slater and Tracy Warren).  The latter are to me semi-legendary characters who are part of my mother's origin story.

What is interesting is that we are now close with one of Alta's nieces and Alta's sister-in-law, and it is almost freaky how similar in some ways the niece is to my mother.

Every adoptee story is different, but there are likely nature vs nurture issues that come up for most, as well as potentially confusing or sensitive situations.

The webinar "Nature and Nurture - Family History for Adoptees" addresses this situation:
Two sisters, one adopted and one not, discuss the underlying concepts of genealogy for adoptees and their families. Come learn the difference between nature and nurture genealogy. The adoptee's biological "nature" family history, enhanced by careful use of DNA testing, can fill in blanks where records can't and help adoptees better understand their biological origin. The adoptive family's history can help explain the formative "nurture" foundation of an adoptee's life and create connections with adoptive family members and the adoptive family narrative. Using best practices, family history can be a powerful tool in binding adoptive families and in helping adoptees learn about and make peace with their individual life story.

Free for non-subscribers through November 25, 2016 (runs 1 hours 24 minutes).

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