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Working on Wednesday: Jeremiah Warren Part 7, A List of Money, Notes & Accounts

As I explained in last week's look at the probate records of Great Uncle Jeremiah Warren, the inventory of his belongings was followed by a list of money owed him and cash he had at the time of his death.

["Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990," images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Hancock > Wills and administration records 1831-1840 vol N > image 108 of 376;
county probate courthouses, Georgia.]

Because this is a continuation of the inventory at the top of the page we find two paragraphs attesting that the appraisers had been duly sworn:

I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were
sworn to perform their duty as appraisers according to
law this twenty fifth day of September 1832
Wilkins Smith J.P.

And because Wilkins Smith was also one of the appraisers:

I do hereby certify that Wilkins Smith on of the a-
bove appraisers was sworn to before me perform his
duty as appraiser according to law this first day
of October 1832
Henry Rogers, J.P.

A list of money Notes & accounts belonging to the
estate of Jeremiah Warren dec'd.

Notes Presley Harper's made the 20. May 1830 due the          }
          first of January 1832 for                                                 }  1103.02
          credited with $76.40 c on the                                         }
          April 1832                                                                      }
Wm Warrens Note   made 2 February 1829 due the 25th Decem- }
                                ber 1829                                                          } 216.00
Federck Scots note   made 10 July 1831 due 4th February 1832       27.84
Federick Scots do     do 4 February 1829 due 12 mos after date       348.00
Reason Willcoxens do    made 20th so 1832 due 1st Sept 1832       271.81
Andrew Edward's do    made 7 January 1832 due 1 after date         231.59
Tully Choice's  do      made 2nd    do         do    do     do     do          24.00
Mary Edwards do      made 4th     do         do    do     do     do          14.00
Wm Choice's   do      made 17th   do         do    do     do     do          8.76
A. Slaughter & C Labuzan do made 14th May 1831  do   do   do   do  722.03
   Do                     Do           "  made 31. July 1832    do     do        }
                                                with interest from Ap;ril last  } 1022.28
Michael Graybills do    made 29th of August 1831 due 25. Dec. 1831    52.66
  Do              Do     do    made 2 June 1831       do     "     Do        25.00
  Do              Do     do    made 2   do      do        "       "      "          25.00
  Do              Do     do    made 2   do      do        "       "      "          15.60
John Roser's note    made 12 March     do due 2 days after date     20.00
John J. Berry's do    made 12 April do due 1 January 1832           76.50
Epps W Warren  do  made 31 Dec 1830 due one day after date     75.00
Amt carried forward

["Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990," images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Hancock > Wills and administration records 1831-1840
vol N > image 108 of 376; county probate courthouses, Georgia.]

amt brot forward
James Bass' note   made 25 January 1832 due 25 Dec 1832         25.45
Thos C Butts do   made 13 March 1830  due 25 of do 1830        20.40
   Do       Do             "     13   do       do    "      25     do  1830       20.00
Edmund Butts' do   made 11 September 1830  " 25  do 1830       40.44
Money found in the possession of the Dec'd
Twenty two hundred and forty six dollars 25/100 Two         1986 25
hundred and Sixty of which was on the Macon* bank              260.25
Bad notes
John R. Ball's note   made 7th June 1826 due 2 day after date     20.00
John P Thwaitt's  "   made 18 Oct 1823   due  1   do   do    do    100.00
George V Brodman's  made 21  do  1826  due 3     do     do         18.00
Peter Arnold        made 25 march 1830   due 25 dec 1830        32.97
James Warren      made 20 March 1819.  due 25. dec  1819     400.00
                           Credit 15 January 1820  70.
                                do   13. April 1822.    177.78
an acpt on Wyatt Harper for Goods__2 1/2 bushels of, at    1.25

Georgia Hancock County
Jesse G. Butts one of the executors of the last will and testa-
ment of Jeremiah Warren dec'd being duly sworn says that
the above & foregoing return of money, notes &c belonging
to the estate of the said dec'd, is true & correct 
Sworn to & Subscribed before                    }      Jesse G. Butts
me this 1st Dec. 1832                                  }
James H Jones C.C.O                                  }

While it's obvious that Great Uncle Jeremiah was a wealthy man, it's not clear whether he was acting as a banker for his neighbors. There's no mention of that kind of role in his obituary which I transcribed here.

We're not done with Jeremiah Warren's estate--the executors were required to file annual accounts with the Probate Court so we can find out more about what happened the years before the final settlement.

*Presumably this refers to Macon County, Georgia, and not Macon County, Alabama, which was much farther away.

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