Thursday, March 30, 2017

Results from AncestryDNA Genetic Communities

I got three Genetic Communities.  I would upgrade these connection ratings from Likely and Possible to Definitely.  That is actually a decent summary of my ethnic background based on what I know and what the paper trail reveals.

So AncestryDNA now has a Genetic Communities feature.  I thought that I would have the same ones as my parents, but as you'll see, with the exception of Norwegians through my father, they have different communities than me.

I think this is an interesting new development for AncestryDNA.

My father's Genetic Community is Norwegians in Hordaland and Rogaland, which is exactly where his maternal grandparents came from. His other ethnic heritages are apparently too diffuse to pinpoint to a specific place, although he has a huge amount of British Isles and German ancestry that I know about.

My mother got two Genetic Communities.  They seem right on point.  I was surprised that her New England heritage didn't come through as strongly, though.  EDITED TO ADD: She actually has another Genetic Community, "Settlers of Central Georgia and Central Alabama" in her shared matches, but it doesn't show up (yet?) in her summary seen above.  That estimated GC is also on point.

Our dear reader Bonnie DID have a Genetic Community in New England.  This is not just possible, it is definite.

My husband Steve's Genetic Community is right on track.

Where my husband's great grandfather Ignatius Manczuk (1877-1933) came from (Trzyrzeczki, Poland).

Ancestry's guess as to Steve's Genetic Community.

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