Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Night Free Webinar: John Grenham presents "Why are Irish records so weird?"

Seriously, why are they so weird?  Let's find out why in John Grenham's "Why are Irish records so weird?":
Not all Irish records were destroyed in 1922, but the burning of the Public Record Office in that year did leave an immense gap. As a result, Irish genealogical research has to deal with idiosyncratic, fragmentary and sometimes marginally relevant records in ways that can seem very strange to those used to British, US or Australian sources. In addition, Ireland came late to digitization and has done it unsystematically. To be polite. This talk unravels the ways in which marginal records have become essential for Irish research, and the peculiarities in using them online.

Available to non-subscribers at Legacy Family Tree Webinars through March 23, 2017.  1 hour 28 minutes.

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