Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Genealogy Overhaul, Not Quite a Do Over

My ongoing cleanup of all locations in Legacy 9 has provided a much needed break from research mode. I can't believe how many mistakes have crept into our tree over the years!

When I have done all the cleanup I can take forfor the day I've spent the remainder of my free time brushing up on basics, like making the most of what I already have access to, like subscription databases and freely available resources, like FamilySearch.

I found a nice overview/review of FamilySearch presented by James Tanner:

One thing I learned from this video was "The Family History Guide," a "free, structured and sequenced learning experience with links to over a thousand additional help topics."  The front page states that it is an approved training resource for FamilySearch.  Pretty cool, especially for begiiners!

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