Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Three Hartley Family Portraits

James and Mary (Tibbetts) Hartley, with their children in the early 1890s.  Clockwise from left: Delia Hartley, John "Jack" Hartley, Mary Catherine Hartley, and George Hartley (my great grandfather) in the center. Maud Hartley is at the bottom.  From my personal collection.

The first portrait was likely taken before James and Mary's last son, Paul Hartley, was born in 1894 (an eleven year difference from their last child, Joey, who died as an infant in 1883).  The picture was likely taken in either Los Angeles, where they were in the early 1890s, or in San Diego.

Hartleys about 1901.  Unfortunately I do not have a better resolution picture so making it bigger makes it more blurry.  My dear cousin Sarah sent this to me recently and I was very excited because it appears that my great grandfather George Hartley's first wife, Jane Denby, is in the picture (back row far left, next to my great grandfather).  I'm not sure where this was taken.

About 1904, almost certainly in their citrus grove in North Park, San Diego.  James Monroe Hartley (1846-1904),seated, would die by July, most likely from cancer.  John "Jack" Hartley (1876-1937) is crouched beside his father, little brother Paul Hartley (1894-1969), stands behind him.  Mary Jane (Tibbetts) Hartley (1852-1940) is resting her hands on James.  I'm unsure who the three women on the right of her are, likely Delia, maybe Jane Denby, and  Mary Catherine??.  My great grandfather is in the center back holding his first son, James Denby Hartley, and  it is likely Ella (Dodge) Hartley, Jack's wife, holding their first child, Marian.  Courtesy of dear Hermit in the Valley (Ancestry), who has countless images of Mary Jane Tibbetts' relations.

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