Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Drive: Encanto, 1948 (and 1950)

Finally we have a bright red truck that didn't belong to Dad! The man behind the wheel of this 1937 Ford 1/2 Ton Platform Stake Bed Truck is Encanto neighbor (Alva) Clyde Everett (1903-1992). He and his wife Mabel grew tomatoes in the field across Wunderlun Avenue from the back of the Currey property. The structure behind his truck is the shed they built to pack their tomatoes for market. This photo was taken in 1948.

This is view of the back of the Currey property which shows the tomato field and packing shed taken in the same year. The Everetts lived in the white house at the top of the hill.

And here's a closer look at the packing shed (taken in 1950). Apparently I was helping out.

[All photos from my personal collection]

Their listing in the San Diego City Directory for 1948. (Yes the address for their hilltop home was on Broadway which is a continuation of the street of the same name in downtown San Diego.)

[ City Directories, San Diego 1948]

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  1. What a sweet piece of history! Would love to have that stakebed. Also a few tomatoes.