Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gone for Soldiers: Lyman Worden (1790 - 1883) Soldier

Several months ago I posted about Lyman Worden's 1880 interview by a local newspaperman and promised to look into what this maternal 4X great grandfather did during his three-month service during the War of 1812. Today's the day I fulfill that commitment.

In 1813 Lyman and his young family were living in Cayuga County when he was called into service with the New York militia.

Source: NYS Historic Newspapers, Image provided by: SUNY Oswego]

Here's a contemporary view of Fort Niagara from the British side of the river where Lyman's company camped for a week.

[Fort Niagara taken from the British side of the river at Newark.  William Strickland, 1787-1854, engraver. Published - Philadelphia, 1814 Oct. 
Source: Library of Congress]

And here's Fort George (from the American side) where his company spent an undisclosed amount of time but it couldn't have been very long as his whole time in the militia lasted no more than three months.

[View of British Fort George from U.S. Fort Niagara, c.1811 (LAC)]

And here's a portrait of the American General George McClure mentioned in Lyman's interview.

You can find more information about Fort George here and here; read about the events of the War of 1812 on the Niagara River here; and learn about the Native American involvement during the war here

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