Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Oh, l'amour, l'amour"

"On the train for Reno..."  Classic scene from Cukor's The Women (1939).  Longer, better version of the scene here.

Yesterday I came across a Porter/Biddle 1st cousin 3x's removed, Alma Belle (Porter) Keating Lorenzen Pipher (1890-1953) and the information I got from a newspaper concerning her final divorce:
Getting a divorce in Reno produced a memory trace--oh yes, that scene from The Women!
I assume Alma's divorce was not likely to be as glamorous or funny an experience as the movie's characters, but I can wish it was.  I wonder if she knew or thought about this movie, as it was a big deal at the time and was only released 5 years before her divorce.

I don't know if she drove there or took the train.  She was living in Downey (Los Angeles), California at the time.

I highly recommend this movie if you like that fashion period, and if you like funny women.  It's melodramatic, sexist, and racist (all the black women are maids) but it was a product of its time.  I rented it at Amazon for about $3 (unfortunately it doesn't come with Prime membership).

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