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Some Notes on Samuel Patterson in Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio in the 1820 Census

Easter Rittcher (Esther Patterson Rittgers), born about 1803 in Maryland.  She and her husband had moved the family to Hocking County, which neighbors Fairfield. 1850 U.S. census, Hocking County, Ohio, population schedule, Marion township, p. 428 (stamped), dwelling 213, family 219, Jacob Rittcher; digital image, ( accessed 12 Aug 2017); citing NARA microfilm publication M432, roll 695.  

My 3rd great grandmother, Easter or Esther Patterson (1802-1856) married Jacob "Jake" Rittgers (1800-1879) in Fairfield County, Ohio on December 16, 1822.  Their daughter Esther (Rittgers) Nosler (1844-1887) was my great grandmother Minnie Nosler's mother.

The Rittgers have a ton of descendants, including the children of this couple, and large amount of work from others, notably Joyce Rorabaugh in "Those Roving Rittgers" but I have yet to figure out anything definite about Esther Patterson's parents and origins.  In her one named appearance on the census she was listed as born in Maryland.

Her various children listed her as from Ohio, Virginia, Scotland, or Ireland, but never Maryland.  I suspect from this that her parents likely came from the British Isles in the late 1700's (maybe earlier).

One clue I have pursued to a limited degree is the presence of a Samuel Patterson in Pleasant Township, Fairfield, Ohio in the 1820 Census.

Samuel Patterson in the 1820 Census in Pleasant Township, Fairfield, Ohio. 1820 U.S. census, Fairfield County, Ohio, population schedule, Pleasant Township, p. 90 (stamped), Samuel Patterson; digital image, ( : accessed 12 August 2017); citing National Archives microfilm publication M33, roll 87

He is gone by the 1830 Census, and Jacob Rittgers (and presumably Esther Patterson) are living in the same township.

A little hard to read, but it is Jacob Rittgert or Rittgers.  Note there are different neighbors than Samuel Patterson had, but it is in the same township.  1830 U.S. census, Fairfield County, Ohio, Pleasant Township, p. 249 (stamped), line 5, Jacob Rittgers; digital image, ( : accessed 12 Aug 2017); citing National Archives microfilm publication M19, roll 130.  

What happened to Samuel Patterson, and where did he go?  And who the heck was he?

Inspired by the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Magazine, July-September 2015 (Volume 41, No 3, pp 50-56) article, "Which way did the census taker walk or ride his horse?" I have begun correlating the names on the 1820 Census with the BLM data as presented in HistoryGeo, and have narrowed down where Samuel Patterson likely was.

I first tried to get a list of transcribed names from Ancestry, restricting the search to people in "Pleasant, Fairfield, Ohio" in the 1820 Census, but there was no elegant way to print the results.  Fortunately they aren't the only game in town:

Thanks to the Ohio Genealogical Society, Fairfield Chapter, the 1820 Federal Census for Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio has been transcribed (and some blessed soul even numbered them).  Ignore my scribbles.

Using the numbers in the name transcriptions, I tried to figure out where Samuel Patterson's neighbors were (so perhaps where he was) in 1820.  I used the HistoryGeo site, although you could also use BLM if you don't have a subscription.  From the list and the map I would guesstimate that Samuel was somewhere in the axis of 985/982/994, possibly bordered by the modern roads of Lancaster Thornville Rd NE, Rainbow Dr NE, and Mud House Rd NE.

I need to do the same thing with the 1830 Census to determine if Jacob Rittgers was living near where his (possible) father-in-law was, or maybe it was a different part of the township.

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