Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fantastic Find: Digital State Archives

Maybe you can figure out what they were reading about by checking out the magazine archives list at XooxleAnswers.
Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006, photographer, "Daytona Beach, Florida. Bethune-Cookman College. Students in the library reading room," January 1943, Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/owi2001016932/PP/ : accessed 2 June 2015).

The simply named "Digital State Archives" is one researcher's guide and commentary on each state's digital archive offerings.  As time goes on the individual states are putting more and more valuable and unique information concerning their history, and this is a great one-stop site for state research.

This site appears to be run by a Washington, DC professional researcher, David at XooxleAnswers, who has his own service (I do not know him or the quality of his work, but I really appreciate the info he has on his main site, which includes some pointers on finding digital access to newspaper and magazine archives).

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