Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Drive: Currey

On the back of this snapshot of Harold D. Currey and his son Junior standing alongside their Chevrolet* is written "Near Suncrest 1925".
[From the Currey photograph album in my private collection.]

Suncrest was merged with its neighbor La Cresta in the 1960s to become Crest. Here's a 1938 Union Tribune story about the place.
[Friday, November 11, 1938. Paper: Evening Tribune (San Diego, CA) Page: 17  
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*Certainly this is the same car I posted about several weeks ago.

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  1. Maybe that's where Junior found the Olla that you now have.

    1. Possibly, though not on this trip. Actually when he was a teenager he and his friends did a lot of hiking in the east county so there's no telling where it was found.